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ben lipkowitz
google, 2010
What's fenn up to? not updating his webpage, that's what.
gingery_machines tools from scratch wiki
how to make an inexpensive portable CNC milling machine -
  my Buckminster Fuller Institute contest "hexapod" entry
societal engineering knowledge database(skdb) -
  an attempt at automated manufacturing and technology dependency resolution (git)
Introduction to the AVR microcontroller family
some random ideas for a cad package
 (dated/obsolete - see skdb instead?)
some sketches, illustrations, art, etc.
raw transcripts of interesting dreams
random ideas and half formed writings - if i only had a blog
charts of my sleep and activities
why I don't use Facebook

Pictures from the EMC Mazak Retrofit Project

My creating-machine-tools-from-scratch wiki now lives at: http://fennetic.net/machines/

How to batch import files into a pukiwiki database.

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